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How to check out EBooks
Students may check out:
K/1/2:  2 books for 14 days
3/4/5:  3 books for 14 days. 
How to log on:
Click on the Library Catalog button above.  
Student Username and passwords:
​USERNAME: Student ID number (usually begins with 9800 or 9700.)
PASSWORD: lowercase first name initial lowercase last name initial  2 digit birthday (month day year)

Online Resources

Corporate Sponsors

NexGen Home Loans

If you have a business and would like to donate, we are looking for corporate sponsorships!

Book Club Virtual/Hybrid Info



Please email the Library Book Club Coordinator with book club titles that your kids read (or you read with them) .  We will continue to keep track of these.  We won't require testing on these books while the school is using a virtual or hybrid learning plan. 

Many of you are working on your Library Book Clubs from home, which is awesome!  And if you're not, this is a great time to start!

Please email Carrie Jones the following information to receive credit for the book club titles:

Subject of email:  GOK Book Clubs

  1. Student's name (first and last)
  2. Grade for 2020-21 school year
  3. Teacher for 2020-21 school year
  4. Book Club
  5. Book title(s) read

Thank you and happy reading!

Welcome to the Library

Library News:

Spooky Story/Illustration winners

Congratulations to all who entered the Spooky Story and Illustration contest!  We have so many creative and talented students here at GO'K!  

It was very difficult to determine our winners from the 46 story and 150 illustration entries.  Each of the winners will have their story or illustration published in this year's Friends of the Library Spooky Story and Illustration book and each will receive a copy as a prize.  Winners will also receive a medal for their place including our top prize this year which is the cover illustration by Sofia W. in 5th grade. 

The first place stories will be read during our online Spooky Story Event and all illustration entries will be shown. The event will take place online on Friday, October 30.  More details to follow.


Spooky Story Winners Grades 2-5 


Second Grade

1st Place - A.

2nd Place- Gareth J.

3rd Place- Samantha D.


Third Grade

1st Place - Peyton M.

2nd Place- Jenna B.-G.

3rd Place- Natali G.


Fourth Grade

1st Place - Rylan S.

2nd Place- Kate W.

3rd Place- Alexander A.


Fifth Grade

1st Place - Evelyn C.

2nd Place-  Evan R.

3rd Place- Juan S.


Honorable mention to these creative writers who made it to the 3rd round of judging.

John Bea.

Max Q.


Spooky Illustration Winners Grades K-5


Cover Art Illustration - Sofia W. - 5th Grade


1st Place - Sarah G.

2nd Place- Alexander B.

3rd Place - Bryce Hellmann


First Grade

1st Place - Sristi S.

2nd Place- Holland S.

3rd Place - Benjamin L.


Second Grade

1st Place - Mireesha S.

2nd Place- Ariya M. & Gareth J.  (tied for 2nd place)

3rd Place - Liesl G.


Third Grade

1st Place - Amelia P.

2nd Place- Annalee W.

3rd Place - Avery G.


Fourth Grade

1st Place - Maddie M.

2nd Place-Ellie W.

3rd Place - Jasleen D.


Fifth Grade

1st Place - Isabella T.

2nd Place- Natalie F.

3rd Place - Gracie C. & Zoya J.  (tied for 3rd)


Honorable mention to these creative artists who made it to the third round of judging. 

Wallace Be.

Joyee C.

Daniella D.

Bryan F.

Hugh M.

Maya D.

Zoe B.- B.

Lilly F.

Seamus C.

Harika R.

Hana M. L.

Malakai D.

Marissa F.

Jenna P.


Thanks to all of our talented students at GO'K!!!

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From Mrs. Huggins

Would you like more electronic books for our school?  More books for book clubs, more popular series, more books for family read alouds?

Please join our Friends of the Library and make a donation that will improve our electronic book collection!  Your donation will also help support our Spooky Story Event and virtual author visits for students.

You can make your donation through PayPal or send a check to GOK FOL to our school address.  GOK FOL Membership Form

Mrs. Huggins, our magnificent librarian
Mr. Huggins in costume